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The Burley Market & Café is located in a beautifully restored building in downtown Cynthiana. In a truly unique space, The Burley Market is a blend of a coffee shop, breakfast & lunch café, and bakery. We value fresh, premium ingredients to prepare thoughtfully crafted food and drink and utilize as many local and seasonal ingredients as possible. Our diverse menu includes everything from espresso drinks and coffees to hot sandwiches, salads, bowls, flat breads, and gourmet desserts.


The Burley Market is famous for our homemade Cyn City Cinnamon Rolls, an old family recipe, which is a terrific treat that pairs well with our delicious, locally-roasted coffee. We've sold nearly 20,000 of our handmade cinnamon rolls since opening in May 2019! It's not uncommon for us to welcome visitors from all over the region who made the trip to Cynthiana just for our cinnamon rolls.

The Burley Market & Cafe was created by Cynthiana native Karey Riddell, who wanted to craft a comfortable and beautiful space where people could gather around the table for quality food and a terrific experience. She and her husband Noel set forth to establish something distinctively different in one of Cynthiana's old, deteriorating buildings downtown. The vision for the space married with the building, great timing, and quality food and drink offerings has made The Burley Market & Café a very special place that is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.


The Burley Market & Cafe was created with four beliefs always in mind- eat well, drink well, play well, live well.

Good food begins with quality ingredients.

Outdoor seating available
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Owners Noel & Karey Riddell
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Our Dining Room
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