Our cinnamon rolls are pretty much synonymous with The Burley Market. Folks drive from all over to enjoy these homemade treats and locals.....well, we may have started a cinnamon roll addiction. We've sold over 20,000 since opening in May 2019.

This recipe has been passed down through our family and perfected by our family's matriarch. Marjie Riddell not only has a passion for cooking and baking, but she is pretty darn amazing at it. When Noel and Karey decided to open The Burley Market, Karey asked Marjie if she could bake her cinnamon rolls. She agreed and asked, "Do you think people will like them?"

Um, yes. Yes, they do.

Due to rising demand for rolls and our previously tiny kitchen size, The Burley Market was limited to the number of rolls we could bake. However, the success of these indulgent treats led to a newly expanded kitchen! We actually leased and remodeled the building next door to meet the demand for our cinnamon rolls!

We bake our Cyn City Cinnamon Rolls every night, with Marjie leading the baking team. We've even had three generations of the Riddell family in the kitchen baking our famous rolls. Marjie oversees the process from start to finish- it takes nearly 7 hours to make a batch and it's quite the workout. Luckily, we can prepare and bake MANY batches at one time now. But when they are sold out on a high volume day, there's no going to the kitchen to quickly whip up another batch. Customers just have to wait until the next day. Fortunately, we're now able to bake a lot!

We have recently been taking our beloved cinnamon rolls on the road for pop up shops! If you can't make it to The Burley Market (it's so worth it), hopefully you can enjoy our cinnamon rolls at a pop up shop event!

We're famous for them!