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201 East Pike St

The Burley Market & Café calls the beautifully renovated building on the corner of Pike and Walnut Streets its home. While our café is known for great food, coffee, and service, it is equally known for its ambience and restoration.  In 2018, Noel and Karey Riddell partnered with the property's owners, Marlin and Cheryl Anness, to bring the bottom floor and exterior to life and set forth writing the next chapter of the building's history. In all, it took six years to complete the project.


The Anness' purchased the building in 2014 and embarked upon the restoration project. Marlin owns and operates a construction business and utilized down time in slower seasons to work on the restoration. They first tackled  some exterior work the top floor, which was no small feat.  Stone  The upstairs now offers four apartments. Once completed, Marlin and his crew began work downstairs. They opened the entire space, eliminating several walls and removed the lowered ceiling. Then began the four month process to exposing the brick, which was done entirely by hand due to the softness and age of the masonry. A primer was applied to the exterior.

Transforming 201 East Pike Street into

The Burley Market & Cafe

The Extorior

The Interior

The Q-Club operated here from the early 80s until early 2000s
An old building is loved again
The building sat empty for nearly 16 years before renovation took place
The Burley Market now calls this beautifully restore building its home