Cafe vs. Restaurant - Do terms matter?

Greetings from The Burley Market & Cafe! I am embarrassed that it's been three months since I last sat down to write in this blog. We've been a little busy. :) I must do better!

The Burley Market & Cafe is in crunch mode as we are taking care of last minute details in preparation to open our doors. In a nutshell, IT'S ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! Anyone who has ever endured a construction/renovation project while creating a business can relate to this state of bedlam. I'm trying to remind myself to pause, even for two minutes, and recognize that this energy and chaos is a beautiful thing.

The most popular question (really, the only question) everyone is asking is "when are you going to open?" I can now say that it is very possible that next week, you can come enjoy a cinnamon roll, sip coffee, and shop with us. I can definitely say that when those horses hit the track at the Derby, you can be sipping on juleps at the bar! What I can't say is exactly what day we'll open the door. That, my friends, is up to the many inspectors coming through the shop this week and, apparently, the universe. :)

As we train our staff, prepare to take the paper off of the windows and open the doors, I thought it would be a good time to reiterate what The Burley Market & Cafe business actually is.

Enjoy locally roasted coffee! Our cafe features Lexington Coffee & Tea Company's freshly roasted beans.

What is The Burley Market & Cafe?

✔ In sum, it is a CAFE which serves a limited menu breakfast, lunch, and treats. We offer espresso drinks, smoothies, cold brew coffee, breakfast, lunch, and treats. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings we have small plates. The idea of small plates is to order two or three things to make a meal or share. They can be your dinner or just a snack while you drink something delicious from the bar.

✔ It is a FARM TO TABLE MARKET where you can buy meat, cheese, condiments, chips, seasonal produce, chocolates, gifts, and many other items. The market is pretty impressive!

✔ It is a BAR where you can order beer, wine, & cocktails any time, but we will host evening hours on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and serve small plates and desserts. Premium beers, wines, and craft cocktails will be available for purchase. Bourbon is definitely celebrated at the bar. We'll have a great selection of bourbon cocktails and premium bourbons....and a bourbon club! More on that soon!

The Burley offers about 32 seats at tables and 18 seats at our two bars. There will also be outdoor seating at small bistro tables during warmer months. In sum, it isn't a big space, but it's much bigger on the inside than you would think! The remaining area inside is dedicated to our market shelves and freezers.

I've been nervous when people ask about my new restaurant or referred to is as an upscale restaurant. Does that term matter?? Restaurant? Maybe not, but I will clarify (because it makes me nervous!).

The Burley Market & Cafe is NOT a full-service restaurant offering a white tablecloth, 5-star dining experience. The Burley is definitely nice and more upscale than other area offerings. But it is a very warm, comfortable and approachable place to visit. It isn't fussy or fancy, but it is indeed very lovely. The inside is decorated with industrial modern touches with a modern farmhouse nod. I am in love with the mix of wood, masonry, metal, and's such a happy place where I think absolutely anyone can feel comfortable.

It's not a cook to order diner. We love diners! And who doesn't want a steak, potato, and salad? We just aren't that type of place. You won't find a four page menu.....but you won't go hungry. Our breakfast will feature items such as bacon, country ham, or sausage biscuits, yogurt & fruit parfaits, Cyn City Cinnamon Rolls (these will be famous!), smoothies, pastries, and coffee. Lunch will include paninis, sandwiches, salads, and soups. Evening small plates include a little bit of everything- street tacos, cheese boards, beer cheese platters, hummus & pita, a variety of crostinis, country ham sliders, and our signature salad.

The Burley Market & Cafe is a place to be enjoyed. It can serve as your mini-grocery store or gift shop. It can be your lunch date spot, a place to host a meeting, or a place to catch up with friends over coffee or cocktails. It can be a place where everybody knows your name! (Cue the 'Cheers' theme song...) I like to think of it as cafe with a blend of the things I loved about the old Key Market and Cheese Store that used to be in Cynthiana, with a bit of class! It's exactly the kind of coffee shop I would have hung out at with friends after school. It's also the kind of place I would have taken people for drinks during my corporate days. It's exactly the kind of place I have wanted Cynthiana to offer her residents and visitors. And so, my husband and I created it.

What will The Burley be to you? It's your cafe, market, and bar. Enjoy it....soon!



The Burley Market & Cafe
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