The Burley Market & Cafe is coming....but when?

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

My husband, Noel, and I are very excited about launching a new business in Cynthiana's downtown district. Though the opening is still a bit away, I decided to create The Burley Market & Cafe official Facebook page for two reasons. One, we all need something exciting to look forward to. In a small town, a new business that will offer something different is a great thing! The other reason was to share the experience of the building's transformation. Our downtown district has been experiencing a great renaissance and many folks are passionate about giving the old downtown buildings the love they've needed for years. In just a handful of posts, people have expressed so much love and appreciation for the renovations to the old Q-club building and seem very eager for what is coming.

The most popular question is "When is it going to open?"

The future home of The Burley Market & Cafe is 201 East Pike Street in downtown Cynthiana.

Not to disappoint, but our hope is that we will open the doors in late winter or early spring, so we are looking at a March time frame. While we would have loved to have been up and running this year, there are several reasons why that isn't in the cards. One, the building is undergoing MAJOR renovations. I can only think of one or two other buildings in the downtown district that have ever undergone a renovation like this. We have been so blessed to work with the building's owners, Marlin and Cheryl Anness, and it's this partnership that is making this project possible. Our shared vision and plans with Marlin and Cheryl will make the old Q-Club building a showstopper. The stars have aligned! (More on that later!)

The building has quietly received lots of love and care on the inside for many months. Marlin and Cheryl have three beautifully renovated apartments upstairs that were rented beginning this past July. The building has all new electric, plumbing, HVAC, and it's literally been taken down to the studs. The first floor has been completely opened up and four inches of plaster was removed to expose the brick, which has been cleaned and will soon be sealed to protect it. The hardwood floors are being repaired and refinished in two weeks along with window repairs and some new glass will be installed where old windows were discovered and exposed.

During the renovation work, a set of original wooden double doors was uncovered. These were apparently used when the building operated as The Cynthiana Carriage Company to accommodate a carriage entrance. Those doors have been sanded and refinished and will once again be hung for the town to see. The outside work is just beginning and I so badly want to tell you about the wonderful things to come, but I don't want to ruin the surprises!

The Burley Market & Cafe commercial kitchen is nearly ready for paint and flooring!

Aside from renovations, fitting a commercial kitchen and dining area is a great undertaking and equipment is extremely expensive. Restaurants and cafes have some of the highest startup costs in the small business world; It takes time and a lot of investment, so we are taking our time to find the best deals and work within our means. Anyone who knows Noel and I, know we are very detail-oriented. We are carefully choosing every knob, paint color, and glass to reflect our vision and what we completely believe will contribute to The Burley Market & Cafe experience and atmosphere.

We can't wait to share The Burley Market & Cafe with you! In the meantime, keep following the renovation progress on Facebook and following our blog as we reveal more about what to expect at The Burley Market & Cafe!



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