Announcement from Karey Riddell, owner of The Burley Market & Café:

Today we share some bad news, but not the worst news. After much deliberation, sleepless nights, and careful consideration The Burley Market will be temporarily closing January 10th until March. Because we plan to be a part of the Cynthiana business community for the long-term, we must make short-term decisions during this unprecedented time as a means of self-preservation.

The Burley Market & Café’s mission has been to bring people around the table. Ironically, 9 months after opening our business, those tables were empty thanks to COVID-19 and mandates.  We miss our dining room full of people enjoying time together, but we’ve been thrilled to have our sidewalks and new outdoor dining area alive with guests during warmer months. It made all the difference and we have loved the energy on our little corner of Cynthiana.

It’s very unnerving when the holiday spending ends and slower winter months arrive. Then, add a pandemic on top of it. It’s the absolute riskiest time to run a restaurant. Winter is going to be a brutal one for all businesses, but most of all restaurants, the industry that has been hit the hardest in our country due to COVID-19. For our café, the 50% dining mandate permits 14-17 people to dine at our tables, which makes for a drastically different winter this year. Our building doesn’t have multiple dining rooms or enclosed patios. Our space is unique, inviting, and cozy. While curbside service, take out, and deliveries have supplemented a big portion of our business, it simply isn’t enough to make up for the lost indoor dining. Curbside service has dramatically changed our staffing and how we operate in ways that the public doesn’t really see. Closing during these next several weeks will allow us to preserve what we have worked for and avoid the risk of depleting all our resources to try to make it through. While we absolutely hate this for our staff, this temporary closure will enable us to provide jobs for the long-term and we aren’t willing to gamble with that.

Our little café has accomplished big things during a year that has brought illness, uncertainties, stress, and massive changes to our lives. I can honestly say that our staff has worked tirelessly to make the changes necessary, flipping our business model inside out and upside down, to operate this business amid this terrible pandemic. There is so much the public does not see that is required to run a food establishment and during this COVID-focused year, the behind-the-scenes work, expenses, and heartaches demanded to offer the same great products to customers has been unrelenting.  

Please come visit us this Saturday and next week (hours listed below), use those gift cards, and enjoy The Burley Market. We’ll offer special days and pop up events to indulge in a Cyn City Cinnamon Roll for a taste of The Burley until March brings better days. We know several people were given gift cards and we truly hate to shorten the opportunity to use them, but we will be offering a 15% off discount on any purchases made with gift cards through the end of May for this inconvenience.

2021 is so full of hope and opportunities, but we must all get through these next two months with smart decisions. Stay home when you can. Don’t travel. Spend locally. Keep your bodies nourished with good food and support your immune system. Support your mental health by picking up the phone to talk to people, spend less time on social media, exercise, learn something new, and enjoy simplicity. When the crocuses and early flowers finally emerge from the winter ground, the time will be near for The Burley Market to open again. Until then, we hibernate to keep The Burley Market healthy.

Peace, good health, and happy new year to you all,



The Burley Market & Café Hours:

New Year’s Day - Closed

Saturday, Jan 2 - 7:30am-4pm

Sunday, Jan 3 - Closed

Monday, Jan 4 – Closed

Tuesday Jan 5 - 7:30am-4pm

Wednesday, Jan 6 - 7:30am-4pm

Thursday, Jan 7 - 7:30am-4pm

Friday, Jan 8 - 7:30am-4pm

 Saturday Jan 9 - 7:30am-4pm

The Burley Market & Cafe
201 East Pike Street
Cynthiana, KY 41031
Phone (859) 569-3069 
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