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201 East Pike St

The Burley Market & Café calls the beautifully renovated building on the corner of Pike and Walnut Streets its home. While our café is known for great food, coffee, and service, it is equally known for its ambience and restoration.  In 2018, Noel and Karey Riddell partnered with the property's owners, Marlin and Cheryl Anness, to bring the bottom floor and exterior to life and set forth writing the next chapter of the building's history. In all, it took six years to complete the project.


The Anness' purchased the building in 2014 and embarked upon the restoration project. Marlin owns and operates a construction business and utilized down time in slower seasons to work on the restoration. They first tackled  some exterior work the top floor, which was no small feat.  The upstairs now offers four apartments. Once completed, Marlin and his crew began work downstairs. They opened the entire space, eliminating several walls and removed the lowered ceiling. Then began the four month process to exposing the brick, which was done entirely by hand due to the softness and age of the masonry. A primer was applied to the exterior and work rather stalled for a bit as the Anness' worked on the building seasonally.  

In 2018, Noel and Karey Riddell partnered with Marlin and Cheryl to make both of their dreams come true- a café would call 201 East Pike Street its home. Karey's vision for The Burley Market had been placed on the back burner for nearly a decade. Cheryl's dream for the building and life's timing just hadn't coincided. From here, the renovations resumed with haste to bring The Burley Market & Café to life. Karey's designs and Marlin's construction team  set forth to make 201 East Pike Street a beautiful corner in downtown Cynthiana.


The Burley Market & Café opened its doors in May 2019 and many renovations continued behind the scenes. The Burley Market & Cafe's success required more space and expanded into the building on Walnut Street. Renovations and projects are scheduled to be finished by the beginning of March 2021. 


-The building is believed to have been built in 1860, first housing Oxley’s Carriage and Blacksmith shop. This shop was in operation in 1864 according to war claims . There are interesting facts listed in the claims regarding property damage caused by fires set in downtown Cynthiana during the war. (We’ll share more about those stories and great discoveries we’ve made during the renovation work soon!)

****From Peddicord, Cynthiana Since 1790, (1986) p. 110:


  • In 1885, an ad in the Cynthiana Times stated that Lew Keller operated the K and K Pool Hall and Bar here serving fine whiskies. Keller was still here in 1895.

  • Gano Ammerman had a grocery here in 1905.

  • G. W. Lail and Sons had a grocery in 1908.

  • James B. Simpson and Sam Hedges next with a grocery in 1912.

  • In 1920 Charley Hutcheson opened a restaurant called the White Restaurant.

  • Will Pugh and Robert Alex Jennings ran the Sweet Shop here in 1926. Charley Pugh and Edward Odor were the next to operate here, they continued with the Sweet Shop for a few years. This firm received some free advertising on several occasions due to the name of their business, Pugh and Odor Sweet Shop.

  • John King ran a liquor store here for a few years in about 1940.

  • Jimmy McIlvain ran a pool room here for about six years.

  • Emery Withers Jr. was in this location the ten years or so with a pool room and restaurant [The Q-Club Restaurant].

  • 2014 Marlin & Cheryl Anness purchased the building. It is now the home of The Burley Market & Cafe and four residents in the upstairs apartments.

An old building is loved again.

An old building is loved again

Hard work pays off.

The Burley Market & Cafe building earned recognition at the 2020 Kentucky Main Street award program held at the State Capitol Rotunda. Owners Marlin and Cheryl Anness and Karey Riddell, The Burley Market Owner and renovation designer, accepted the Mr. Muddle Award.  This award which recognizes the efforts of individuals whom have brought life back to deteriorating buildings tin Kentucky's downtowns. Marlin & Cheryl Anness own the 201 E. Pike Street Building and Karey Riddell designed the interior and exterior renovation work.


The Riddells and Anness' met in 2015 through mental health awareness campaigns and the universe simply brought them together to make great things happen for